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04-22-2011, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by SBCouto View Post
If you get a chance, you can play 'The Forever of Madness' or the second episode 'The Forever of Life'.

These are Fed missions though.
Thanks again for your review, I will get around to reviewing your missions sometime this weekend.

Originally Posted by Pococurante
Not sure whether to call this a bug or not, but the very first step to find the hidden console, hitting V only ever points down. For me this was an exercise in running mindlessly running around...
Hi, here's a quote from the first dialog pop up from the mission, your science officer aboard your ship states tha following...

"The message also contains co-ordinates for the hidden console which I have downloaded into your personal tricorder, allowing you to view your map to locate the area in which you need to be in order to scan for the console, but you'll need to be within range for that to work correctly.

To view your map, press M.

To perform a scan press V

I added this dialog to assist the player, when attempting to locate the hidden console but it is intended for the player to locate the console without any further assistance.

Also, due to in game mechanics, pressing V to scan will direct you to the closest intractable object.

Should you try again, I hope you enjoy the mission.