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I threatened to do it, spammed Fleet Channel(s) and the OrganizedPvP forums, and now I have published it.

The mission is called Mustrums Space Combat Lessons. (No possessive apostrophes allowed in Foundry. At least not the one I wanted to use. :p)

Originally Posted by Mission Description
Use this mission to learn more about the Startrek Online space combat system, that goes beyond the tutorial and even the standard PvE play experience. It's only start and cannot replace real STF or PvP experience. It will give you some pointers.
MISSION START: Wolf 359 in Sirius Sector Block.
DISCLAIMER: This Space Combat Tutorial is not a story mission, nor a grind mission. First playthrough should probably be on Normal difficulty - combat encounters are unfair for training purposes.

The mission has 3 parts, each part comes with an overview ("lesson") over the powers and abilities relevant for the exercise.

The Endurance Test
Basically learn to endure tons of damage and the value of shield and hull hardening and healing rotations. It is basically a tanking guide (with the caveat mentioned in the description that you can't just tank in PvP, as no one shoots at you if you're invulnerable but harmless.)

Healing Test
Here you are asked to help a bunch of Federation ships to stay alive against their enemies. No one is stopping the player from shooting everyone, but the NPCs won't complain... (much).

Damage/Burst Test
This is pretty traditional, in theory - you have to destroy 3 enemy ships, but each is surrounded by a fleet of allies. A powerful burst should make your life easier, but crowd control effects can also help.

The mission isn't the "perfect" PvP test, but I hope that anyone that would spend some time following the dialog would understand a few basic PvP and teamwork concepts, and might have even have something to test against.

I would appreciate constructive feedback:
  • Where am I telling nonsense?
  • Spelling and Grammar errors - I can't see them anymore after staring for hours on my texts.
  • What else can I improve.
  • Benchmarks - how well did you do? Did you die with your ship (tanking in an Escort can be hard. Could your healer build keep all Fed ships alive? With or without extra enemies? At all difficulty levels? I am assuming Era will be facerolling through the tank & healing part :p)