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04-22-2011, 06:48 PM
You can have a dialogue that informs them of the optional objective. Have it in the standard mission info green but list it as "Optional: Buy a jumja stick.

If your mission list objective is short enough you can also do this:
Go to Quark's Bar (Opt. Buy a jumja stick).

However, due to the length limit on listed objectives both the optional and non-optional objectives need to be pretty short for this to work.

Or you can put a few dummy objectives based on reach markers that trigger right away, followed by the real objective.

(Optional: Buy a jumja stick.) ^triggers right after the person moves from the spawn and a dialogue pops up.
(Optional: Get a raktajino from the replimat.) ^triggers almost immediately after they move again
Go to Quark's bar. (real objective)