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04-22-2011, 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by mozoha View Post
Cryptic sure does not seem in a hurry to get to this one...
The Dual Bolt Spray attack that kills the entire away team on Advanced and Elite settings has been broke since it went live on April 30th, 2010. Yep. That'll be a year next week. So it's not just PvP.

Ok, I do want to ask people a question though. I have limited PvP experience in STO, so if I sound like a n00b asking stupid questions, it's because I am. Is BFAW really all that over powered? Aren't there ways in game right now to counter it? Like:

Aceton Field - I would think that a 50% decrease in damage would be pretty good mitigation. In fact, don't these stack?
Feedback Pulse - if he's hitting a bunch of people wouldn't getting hit by this from multiple targets be a real problem?
Mask Energy Signature - or would a BFAW boat still be able to hit you as long as he aims at someone else?
Reverse Shield Polarity - survive the attack long enough to counter strike.
Scramble Sensors - and then watch him shoot his teammates!
Target Weapon Subsystems - wouldn't shutting his weapons off stop BFAW?