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04-23-2011, 12:52 AM
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
The Dual Bolt Spray attack that kills the entire away team on Advanced and Elite settings has been broke since it went live on April 30th, 2010. Yep. That'll be a year next week. So it's not just PvP.

Ok, I do want to ask people a question though. I have limited PvP experience in STO, so if I sound like a n00b asking stupid questions, it's because I am. Is BFAW really all that over powered? Aren't there ways in game right now to counter it? Like:

Aceton Field - I would think that a 50% decrease in damage would be pretty good mitigation. In fact, don't these stack?
Feedback Pulse - if he's hitting a bunch of people wouldn't getting hit by this from multiple targets be a real problem?
Mask Energy Signature - or would a BFAW boat still be able to hit you as long as he aims at someone else?
Reverse Shield Polarity - survive the attack long enough to counter strike.
Scramble Sensors - and then watch him shoot his teammates!
Target Weapon Subsystems - wouldn't shutting his weapons off stop BFAW?
It may be a tad OP'd when used by a single ship but massively OP'd when used by a group. Consider that in its current state you can put out 200 percent DPS. When you times this by more ships, your looking at an unfair tactic. 5 ships putting out the dps of 10 ships.

I have 1 ship on both fed and kdf side setup to be a healer worthy of 1.5 mil in healing in an arena match. When I come upon a 5 man team of FAW users who spam it with no down time, I have hard enough time healing myself rather than my team. An example I see during PvE, I come upon a group of 3 ships and can hit FAW 1 and pop all of those ships inside the 15 seconds FAW is up for. It may be a 1 or 2 second difference but they will all be gone in one pass. By the time you move to the second encounter, the ability is ready again.

When you start 5v5 considering you have 8 beams, each ships with faw puts out 16 times 5 ships thats 80 beams total. Each ship will be hit then by 16 beams. Each time a ship dies, the number of beams increases. So, split the extra 16 over 4 ships and now each ships has 20 beams on it and then again as your down to 3. It will wipe a team fairly quickly the lower their numbers get. Now, 1v1 it has no effect. Even 5 FAW ships vs 1 ship it has no effect but you have 5 ships focus firing and thats worthy in its own to finish the 1 off. It all becomes a matter of who takes the lead first with the first kill and then downward from there.

Suggestions have been to lower the 2nd beam attack so its not 100 percent. Lower the 2nd attack worthy of taking out mines and small pets only. Increasing the CD on both a single copy of FAW and the global CD of 2 copies FAW. Who knows which way cryptic will go with this.

You mentioned counters and yes there are some. However, the duration ability of this skill if chained non stop has no counter that can match it verbatim. It simply can be used much more then any single counter chained can. Multiple counters together may work but still timers could effect this at some point.

Edit : cause it crossed my mind. The AI targeting is faster then a human player. So, decloaking ships can be hit either while cloaked or hit during their decloak before shields come up fully. Pain in the ass to be a defiant ship or any kdf ship that decloaks and enters battle.