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04-23-2011, 04:47 AM
Originally Posted by Dr._Sskarno View Post
Hi all. Really enjoying being able to play STO finally and I usually run explore missions. But when I do decide to try something like the Miral Paris mission , its "gang up on the Science officer" time. I am running Normal difficulty and usually cruise at 1/4 to 1/3 Impulse unless I get attacked. I pick on the closest target first, but as I am fighting it, I get jumped by one or more groups of 3. My friend says he has NEVER had that happen to him playing the SAME mission. Am I doing something wrong or is he full of it? I'd kinda like to complete some of those as i hear they have more backstory to them.
Mygod_Itsfullofstars and Destiny are right. In my experience the groups are for the most part well spaced and it is not too hard to avoid drawing multiple mob agro. That said the times it has happened are when I get so fixated on my target(s) that I wander a little too close to another mob. Glance at your mini map once in a bit so you know when you are close to a nearby group. Try to stay outside of 15K of a nearby group and you should be able to avoid their patrol zone like Destiny mentioned. If the problem persists you might want to try dropping a bug report. Really you should not have to go that far though...

Mygod also made a good point. Movement is very important. Never stop there is a defense bonus that is attached to speed so if you are moving fast enough you will get less crits and more misses from the baddies. Get used to slowing to turn as it will let you turn in a smaller circle and help you avoid wandering too close to that other mob. Work an initial attack run right, (dash in at near full speed and turn so that you would draw a "J" as you nearly run into the baddie) this will give you the opportunity to draw that baddie into a scissor, (go ahead and click on the bright, underlined text to get a description of a scissor maneuver if you are unfamiliar with it), and you can lead them away from a mob that may jump you otherwise.