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04-23-2011, 09:06 AM
Mustrum,I haven't tried it yet....but from your mission description I gather there is no 'tutorial' on how to use cloak in PvP?
No. It's just one mission, and the stealth part would be hard to integrate well. I kina regret it is all one mission and you have to go to all parts to finish it. (Though you can finish all parts quickly if you ignore the informal objectives - nothing is stopping you from Evasive Maneuvering and Emergency Power to Engine through the "tanking" part. But I didn't want to spend 3 of my 10 mission slots with it either. :p

Though if you have some ideas, I might be able to build in at least some advice on how to approach some parts of the mission (most likely the final part - cloak can help you get into a good firing position, delaying the enemies attack. And Battle Cloak would certainly work well to break the fight once your enemy is down.