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04-23-2011, 01:16 PM
I think I know what you mean here and what you mention has crossed my mind a number of times, but I haven't had any player feedback on this until now.

Originally Posted by carnagefiend View Post
I feel torn about some aspects of it. Namely, scanning the 5 crates for your cargo manifest check. I didn't think it was necessary, particularly for your ship captain. It also didn't particularly add anything to the story or the characters.

So if there was a need for it, it wasn't entirely clear. If you wanted to get across thoroughness I think it could be done in a more interesting way.
Originally, I wanted the player take part in a non-combat activity, which gave more character to the intelligence agent. I decided I wanted the player to tag the cargo supplies for transport, to trigger a transport animation, but it's not possible, even with v 0.5, so back on Tribble the work around I came up with was to scan the cargo to cross check the cargo manifest log.

The "Shadow of the Warrior" is the intelligence agent and to add to his character, I wanted his dialog to come across as though he was arrogant, thought he knew it all, seen it all, battled it all and he wants to teach you some lessons. One being that even the a task not suited to a Captain or higher ranked player would do you good, remind you that you even a minor task such as this is not beneath you.

The intelligence agent states "A warrior who neglects minor details will only exacerbate the battle ahead." but perhaps I could adjust the dialog to make his intentions clearer.

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My greatest qualm is the reference to you shooting one of your shuttles. Your science officer tells you that your shuttle pilot got smart with you and you forced him out in a shuttle and shot him down.

This was funny, however, you might want to alter that somehow through dialogue. I generally try to keep my dialogue between 'renegade' and 'paragon' ala Mass Effect. Essentially, one branch gives off smart-ass or violent statements, the other is cool and nonabrasive.

Personally, I don't feel a Klingon would destroy a shuttle to punish an officer. That leaves them without a shuttle, frankly. Some violent captains would, but I wouldn't.

I'm just saying, in that moment, you spoke actions FOR the player. As a table-top RPG gamer, it's a big violation.
I also thought it was funny, but do agree with you, and that dialog is in there because I wanted the player to go down to the planet in a shuttlecraft due to the high risk of transport failing, but because I couldn't do that I came up with a reason why you couldn't.

If I can ever change this so that the player can go down in a shuttle I will and I'll also still allow the option to beam down if possible, then later have the players ship unable to beam you up, so they send a shuttle for you instead.

The dialog however that you are talking about now, I think I may remove or alter, thanks for the feedback.

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If it would be fair to you, would you mind scoping out 'The Hunt'? You have a good eye for establishing atmosphere, so I think our projects are very like-minded.

If not, I enjoyed your tale!
I'll review it as soon as I find the time to, if you have a thread for it, link it.