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04-24-2011, 01:24 AM
It's hard not to get disapointed as a Klingon player, especially when you see things a simple as the new font not given to klingons.

The remastered episodes are another problem, if they would just make some klingon missions, get everything set up and then go back and remaster fed episodes it wouldn't sting so much.

I find it irritating they would rather redo fed content than make ANY klingon missions.

it's kind of eye opening that in 4 days I added a low level pve mission to kdf foundry and in a year and a bit they still haven't given a new klingon player a solid pve ground/space mission to get started with.

just one mission, just one.

But are we really surprised here? It's always next update is the big klingon update, next update klingons will get this, next update next update next update.

Klingons got crafting, and some ships but missions? not a chance.

You won't see more than a token effort in that regard, the foundry and the weeklies are the only new pve missions klingons will have outside the tutorials, the reality is if you play a Klingon waiting for an equal balance compared to the feds you are going to be waiting until the end of space time.