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04-24-2011, 01:09 AM
Originally Posted by RCO
To be fair cryptic has had since launch to improve the klingons to date they have failed horrible at this task. Maybe that change in season 4 but I doubt that. The record for the last few month so that not the case. Sure we getting a few bones in season 4. But the more i hear the more I hear about the stuff the federation side is getting as well.

New tutorial for both sides. So again nothing new or extra for the klingons.
(The KDF had it's own tutorial before? Sorry, may not be extra, but it is 'new' to the KDF)

Klingon academy. Great but fed getting starfleet academy.
(The KDF had it's own Academy before? Again, may not be extra, but it is 'new' to the KDF)

Rework Qonus. Yeah several month after esd was reworked.
(Yeah, they hate the KDF. That's why they are re-working 'Qo'Nos and NOT just leaving it as it is, because they hate the KDF...oh, wait...)

PVE mission to level. But no real new mission. Heck they going to go the chessy way and add weekly to the leveling. In other words. Forget new mission. Meanwhile the fed get remaster missions.
(Except with the new Tutorial, that means if a new player doesn't like or want to play the Federation faction, he/she doesn't have to, ever; and I know MANY a KDF oplayer who never wanted to touhc a Fed character; so while I DO agree the KDF needs more PvE missions unique to it - the Devs have been open and upfront in saying the KDF - and any other later faction will never attain the same number of dev PvE missions. But, the Devs haven't sugarcoated that. As for KDF remastered stuff - the one positive abot the 8 KDF mission is they ARE better than any of the early Fed stuff. The one thing the Devs have stated is they want to reemaster some Fed mission to play from the KDF side where it makes sense - like 'Saturday's Child'; but time will tell)
In the end, the fact is: The STO Devs do continue to work on an improve the KDF (although not fast enough for a number of KDF players); and since the Season One updated the KDF hav gotten every new game mechanic (with the exception of Diplomacy as the Devs feel that doesn't 'fit' the KDF, but have yet to add a comprable system); and th KDF have gotten ship and system tricoder scanning, and Crafting access; so again, the KDF is being expanded.

If the STO Devs had really abandoned and stopped working ion the KDF faction, you wouldn't be seeing the above; or be seeing the Season 4 Duty officer system available for the KDF faction either. The Devs have never stated "With patch X the KDF will be equal with the Fed faction" - what they have said is simply taht they'll continue to improve the KDF; and that with every major Season update, the KDF has and will continue to see improvement/expansion.

If the above isn't enough; then (and unfortunately) the loudest way to make you voice heard if you want to play KDF, but mo longer find it enjoyable; and don't feel the KDF updates are big enough or fast enough; is to cancel your sub, and vote with your wallet. (and I'm not trying to 'promote' taht but it is a cold hard fact that all the suits - in any business venture - care about, is the bottom line.)