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04-24-2011, 03:17 AM
Originally Posted by Hyomoto View Post
Fixing 'traditional' PvP isn't as easy as 'move this, add that, remove this' to get it right. All the ships, equipment and players are PvE oriented. There's no surprise PvP issues would exist. This is largely why I'd suggest a alternate system instead of trying to decide what is imbalanced. There is two ways to look at it: balance all the in-game content for PvE and PvP or put in a version that can be balanced more easily.

It's easy to criticize PvP, but it has been an auxiliary from day one. Klingons were a PvP game mode originally and now Cryptic is trying to make it an alt to Fed PvE. It comes down as STO is PvE oriented; its a nearly impossible task to balance that with PvP. It's not outside the realms of reason but a daunting task I'm sure. To use DCUO as an example once more; that is a game ORIENTED towards open-world PvP and there are still constant balance addresses. It is a game that was built from day one to be PvP-driven; if there are PvP issues there, how do you think STO looks behind the scenes? You know of course, you've been playing.

A class-system, popular in many online games, might just be right to revitalize the PvP game and help with the balancing issues. It wouldn't replace the current PvP, it would simply offer an alternative. I suspect more people would be interested in this sort of environment than the current offering but of course, that position comes from my experiences with other games that used such systems. Right now PvP isn't the focus of development, but hopefully come the next season they'll start putting some thought into it.

If anything, all new skillsand items should be tested out in PvP first and then added to the game after a through review. A NPC ship will not tell you how unfair that new skill/item is. Nor will it actually have the AI to use it's skills/items properly. Allow us to test new skills in PvP first and we can tell you if its lack luster, good or a game changer and needs a nerf swing. Then when its ready to go give it to PvE. This way there will never be a debate or thread about needing a nerf to a skill/item. PvP will already be satisfied with the item and then PvE will get the chance to play with it. Then PvE players only will not get mad at the PvP community when we ask for a nerf swing since its to powerful or not.

Perfect example was the cloaking tractor beam mines. 5 was down right to many in a pvp match. If every ship had 1 then each side could have 25 of these out at a time. 1 or 2 was not enough to stop you with counters. But when 6 of these guys tractor you, every skill you have PH Evasive Manuvers APO engine battery ramming speed (not sure if I can think of another one) did absolutely nothing. I managed a measly 5 impulse when 6 of them had my escort ship whose normal impulse was over 26.