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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
A quick comment on combat, specifically the number of NPCs you fight either on ground or in space. Aside from the obvious implication that our characters are supposed to be some kind of uber hero, it is not realistic that we should be able to defeat entire squadrons of ships or soldiers with our single ship or away team.

If you want to have a big battle, thats fine. But for it to be realistic you have to have friendly NPCs helping the player. If having friendly NPCs helping the player doesnt make sense for the story of the mission, then neither does having a huge battle. As uber as Kirk or Picard were, they never defeated entire armies by themselves.

That is all
Also, placing four or five spawn groups in one tiny little circle so they all aggro at once and can only be defeated by whittling away one or two, dieing, then respawning and coming back to repeat it over and over and over again isn't clever, it's just mean.

If you want a climactic battle, use a big map and make the player fight through groups of enemies one after the other to get to the boss, not all at once, or as Nagus said, have a reason for there to be some help. Remember the climactic many-enemies battles in all the James Bond films; it was always Bond and three dozen SAS commandos, or US Navy Seals or US Marines Felix Leiter borrowed for the occasion. The ones where it's just Bond against 50 Spetznatz, he's running away the entire time and just blowing stuff up for distractions, and that's kinda hard to do with the current Foundry.

As long as your help is fighting the mooks, or helping the player fight the boss, not finishing off the boss themselves, and they've got a logical reason to be there (ideally one that the player made happen explicitly in the story), it's not a deus ex machina, it's just epic scale.