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No, this thread is not a negative critic against Foundry and player generated content (nor an endorsement for that matter), but more like a new way to look at them or introduce them into the game and to us, the players.

To me, a lot of the debate before the Foundry launched seemed to revolve around: is Foundry content official content or similar argument. The meaning of such past thread, in my opinion, is does such content contribute to the official storyline as told by dev created missions and 'official' content. Back then, I stated that it does not and I still remain of that opinion. I was not diminishing the value or quality of such created missions, but I wanted to voice my opinion about how I see Foundry content relative to official content in terms of 'game canon' story telling. And yes, I did play some missions and some are really good. So I welcome more Foundry content and pleased to have them to play.

So here is the goal of this thread: considering Foundry missions are holodeck programs or "holo-novels".

For one, it will give a reason to have a holodeck on board our ships and give a good reason to go there and use it (while we can still access Foundry missions the way we do now if people don't want the hassle to go inside the ship and activate the holodeck...). Another reason, it should make some people better about "Foundry is not official content" by placing it in the context of holodeck usable material.

Again, this is NOT a thread about the quality or validity of Foundry missions. Please only reply with ideas or suggestions related to the proposal of accessing Foundry missions via ship board holodeck.