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When a player changes the current ship to a different one or a shuttle (especially now with the new crafting mission), the powers tray/bar changes and one has to rearrange all the available powers every time.
This is very annoying; I have a suggestion to this problem:

Add a button to allow for saving the space tray & BOff assignments either for every ship in a player's "shipyard" which will be very helpful for those that like switching ships a lot (or have many ships), or just to save the current configuration to a file in the player game folder on his local hard drive (the later will not necessitate extending the database and sending more live data).
This will allow a player easier time when switching between ships/shuttles without having to rearrange his power tray and BOff assignments.

Could be the same deal because I know some player like to change assignments according to the mission (like when fighting different factions in the game) and making a configuration save here could be potentially harder if using the database so maybe just give a way to save to file on the local HDD. Again, this should include away team assignment & power tray ordering.

I'm suggesting this because players like me use the same ship because its a pain to rearrange all over again every time you get a new ship when rising up the ranks or going in my shuttle to scan anomalies for the crafting mission (which I love btw) or do a PvP in shuttles and later return to my ship.