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04-24-2011, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by CardassianNinja View Post
I've been told my missions are too long also.

And don't you love when you get that one guy who says your mission doesn't work and gives you 1 star, when the rest of your reviews were 4-5?
I will address that "one star" for mission that don't work. There seems to be, at least after the recent patch, a few missions that became "broken". I will put a one star rating in my review if I feel that the mission may be in that state and needs to be looked at. I have thus far found that if the author simply re-publishes a mission when they are in that state that just republishing fixes the problem. In which case I replay and re-review. The fact that you were getting 4-5 stars previously and then someone states that your mission is broke should be enough for you to at least take a look. Broken missions can not be completed and therefore SHOULD recieve a one star.

This does not address the "jerk" that will just give the 1 star and say "unplayable". Those are different and little can be done about that.