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Alright, to start off, I'm not an accolade grinder. I do not find it fun to sit through a mission that is nothing but giant fleets of Borg, one after the other, with no point other than to grind accolades.

But, ever since Cryptic started removing Foundry missions that are listed as accolade grinders, I've stumbled across another problem: people making grinders that are disguised as real missions.

There is nothing like entering a mission that you thought would be just a normal mission, and ending up in the middle of 20 Borg cubes. And, this goes on and on for about two hours.

If Cryptic would allow people not to hide under the guise of missions when making these grinders, they could label them, and I would know to skip them.

I understand they claim that this isn't in the "spirit" of the Foundry system, but it was my understanding that the spirit of the foundry system was that we could create whatever experience we want, however crappy. There are people who create foundry maps simple as customized roleplay areas(something you will be launching more extensively later), people who create clubs, etc. I don't see how grinding tons and tons of Borg is any different.