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# 1 KDF STF channel
04-24-2011, 10:49 AM
Update - It seems this channel has been replaced with the EliteSTF channel just type /channel_join EliteSTF

* Created a new channel called EliteSTF
* The channel is less then a month old but already has close to 200 members

The original STF channels were created a while back as an aid to make it easier to find others who wants do do STF missions, its similar to the Fed STF on the Fed side and KDF STF channel on the Klingon side.

This new channel is aimed at making it possible to create a group of STF players before joining the que if you do not want to have a random team to play with.

The channel can also be used to ask for help, and tips for the STF missions.

The channel is helpful as it finds help or teams by allowing users to ask players that are in other sectors of space than just the zone around the STF missions.