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04-24-2011, 10:24 AM
the cat is out of the sack...
foundry is released as is and there is no way of going back now.

most missions are started somewhere in the gameworld. (many in utterly stupid places just to have a start button *somewhere*... others dont even tell you where to start *doh*)

some missions i played seemed to be Holodeck programms, though i had to go to ESD to start them all... because my Interrior has NO Holodeck. (and then there are multiple ship interriors, so the foundry author cant even use MY interrior as start button...)

(the TOS interrior has no Holodeck EVER... so how would you even start a mission in your Holodeck?
right now you NEED workarrounds to give the impression of a Holodeck Simulation... which is sad.)

i think it would be only logical to have the OPTION for both, as an Author.