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04-24-2011, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by Heezdedjim
Your view is not Cryptic's view. Next time you catch Salami in game, ask him yourself what types of missions they have a problem with and what types they don't.

Also, it's easy enough to simply see what they have a problem with and what they don't. Go to Foundry, open search, and put in "accolade." I get 10 missions in the current search results. These are the exact same 10 "accolade" missions that have been up in the list since day one when the Foundry came out. These missions were there when the grind purge and patch occurred last week. They have no doubt been reported thousands of times by the Foundry Cops. When Cryptic went through and removed the problematic missions, they left these, because they weren't a problem. They know these missions are there. All have the words "grind" or "accolade" in their names and descriptions. Cryptic doesn't care, because they aren't a problem. As Salami said, if you just want to go kill stuff, they don't have a problem with you going and killing stuff.

Anything else is just your own wishful thinking, and your attempt to impute your views to Cryptic, and to scare other players off from creating missions you don't personally approve of. Just give it a rest. If you want good missions, go spend your time making good missions instead of trying to convince people your personal preferences are company policy.
im not trying to scare people, or put my views over as more important than cryptic. hey guess what, i actually dont have a problem with accolade hunting missions, my point is that my interpretation of cryptic's post says they they are the ones having a problem. that differs from your interpretation. thats fine. you wont here me telling you to be quiet because i disagree with you though.

all im doing is having a conversation on the forums. your view is not cryptic either. your just interpreting their comments in your own way as i am doing mine. until they clarify what is now a point of contention we wont know.

im sorry that you feel that because i disagree with you, that i should 'give it a rest' as you say. maybe the part where i clearly said 'in my view' or we should 'work on the side of caution' was too inflammatory for you.

and i have been spending time making good mission. go check the tracker, the highest rated english language mission is mine with over 2500 reviews and a 4.4 rating. thanks.