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04-24-2011, 01:16 PM
I agree White Knight and some of the quotes listed. STF is supposed to be about team work and planning. These missions should be around, not only for end game content, but also for earlier points in development so that people get used to working as part of a party here and there versus only having to think about it after you soloed to the end. I come from the FFXI school of MMORPG's where nothing was soloable and you had to spend 6 months in party play to get to the end game content. I am used to party play and used to having to come up with tactics and following battle plans for battles that have run more than 120 players 2 hours of fighting to kill one dragon. That being said though, I am up to almost 20 hours on this mission as of today alone. Today I ran into a phenomenal team that was walking through camps of borg like they were moving in slow motion. It was hilarious to see. I used a lot of the tactics you guys mentioned in this thread. Seeing how easy we waded through everything I was thinking 'Wow we are going to kill the wall of pain'. Wrong answer. After we got to the first 4 node stupidity we were there for 3-4 hours I lost track after getting annihilated again and again. The team factor I can agree with. We worked together as a cohesive unit, and it was pretty impressive to see. But for those solid 3-4 hours at the first 4 node camp the same thing happened for that entire time. We get all 4 nodes up and running, then everyone at a node defending was pretty much one shotted by an elite, and then we watched 3-5 workers descend onto the node. It was really uncanny. I figured that we would get a lucky spawn somewhere since we have all 4 nodes going. Nope, wrong again. Again and again we would go from full shields and health to 10% life in one shot, watch 3-5 workers go to the node, and die from the next blast from the elite. This would happen litterally 1-2 seconds after the 4th node was activated. Pop, elite shows up with his workers. Pop I am dead. And there go the workers.

Being one shotted once or twice in 3-4 hours of attempts might be explainable. Crap happens. But the fact that every defender at nodes 1-3 would die within 1-2 seconds of the 4th node being popped for a solid 3-4 hours means it is not just a crap happens let's try again scenario. This is not about battle tactics not working. It means that the scenario needs to be tweaked. The node stupidity can not use the TEAM part of teamwork since you are pretty much alone facing the onslaught of borg. So if the STF is about team work and prep, then why are we not allowed to face this as a team. Sure, maybe if the Elite was removed from the equation and only a tactical borg showed up, we might have a tiny bit more survivability and just need to hold out and pray a little. But I think that the mission should be changed a bit to work more like Infected does where you don't have workers trying to shut stuff down, you just have to get the 4 up in the alloted time. Then you can get back to teamwork and less on getting one shotted. Have as soon as the first node is popped the other nodes get defended and you have to fight your way to the end of the gauntlet before the first node is run out of time. Boom, you have teamwork, have to work together very well to get through the gauntlet, and you don't have a million elites one shotting you for 3 or so solid hours.

Racking up almost 20 hours in this mission has shown the glaring problem in the way the STF's have been generated. They do a newbie mistake with MMORPGs that never had group content planned in the forst place. They make it so that it is 'challenging enough to last the masses for a while'. Problem with that is that they have it doable under very specific conditions and circumstances, and have not taken into acount that most PUGs that will do this WONT have those exact ingredients to get it done the way their testers planned for it. Having this being able to be done in multiple different party configurations is important because you wont ever have what ever party configuration was the magical ingredients they planned for. What if you have 5 sci's in a party and they can't find anyone else? What if you have 4 eng's and a tac? What if you have 5 tacs? Granted people might have powered through with these configurations, and this isn't about if you did it or not, because there are more people that can't get through this than have actually succeeded. For those that got through it, that is awesome guys. I wish I could join you in KA, and again there are more people that can't get through Cure than there are that are doing KA that wish could join you too. But after almost 20h I can say that my feedback and review is that until they fix the mission, there is no reason to bash your head into a wall that wont move guys. You will get disillusioned and angry. My opinion is to not bother with this mission until it is fixed. And if it isn't fixed, it is not worth raising your blood pressure for the one lucky attempt in 50. This mission will just anger you into stopping playing the game, and that is tragic since the game has really come around till this stupidity.