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04-24-2011, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by kyle21davdson
True... We have :

Kai Kira
Former head of Cardassian govt. Garak
Grand Nagus Rom
Vice Admiral Janeway
Captain Harry Kim
Commander Naomi Wildman
As well as a few others...
Yeah it's always bothered me that not even ONE of our esteemed TV heroes ever just retires, or quits Starfleet and goes on an Archaeological sabbatical, no one ever cashes out of the military and becomes a small merchant trader. No one meets anyone we've never heard of, and just starts a family on some nice colony., opens a school, builds a water reclaimation plant, or just buys a boat. Everyone we've ever seen on Star Trek has to have pursued their career to the Nth degree.

I suppose it's some need to somehow legitimize "The Future" by having all the people we've ever heard of, still kicking over in the universe.. but shouldn't Jake SIsko return home to the family restaurant? Shouldn't Miles O'Brien, with two children to raise, get a nice job on some planet far from danger? Shouldn't Kira and Odo be trying to make little bumpy-nosed diapered-changelings? 7-9 I understand never giving up her work.. and Geordi, I could understand being traumatized by the loss of Data.

It just seems to me, kind of desperate, that according to STO, the only people that matter in this world, are people who get their credability via nepotism from main characters in the TV shows.