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04-24-2011, 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by kyle21davdson
True... We have :

Kai Kira
Former head of Cardassian govt. Garak
Grand Nagus Rom
Vice Admiral Janeway
Captain Harry Kim
Commander Naomi Wildman
As well as a few others...
In fairness, Rom became Nagus at the end of DS9. So that's canon. And given how old Zek was, I think it's safe to say Rom would still be Nagus. Janeway made a cameo appearance as an admiral in one of the movies, so that's not exactly a Cryptic creation either.

Harry Kim I can see being a captain. His character didn't have much of a personality outside of being a Starfleet officer, so it's pretty likely he'd stick with it. Now, Captain Paris, that I'd have a much harder time accepting.

There are thousands of commanders in Starfleet, so the only thing I find weird about Commander Wildman is that Icheb is only a Lieutenant Commander, and he should have had at least a decade head start on her.

With Kira it just seems odd that given her military role that she'd end up being Kai. There simply isn't an easy advancement path, and considering her violent history you'd think there would actually be some resistance to her religious advancement. Granted, it's been so long that a lot of things could happen. I'd still find it less hard to believe if she'd been made Bajoran Ambassador, or head of the Bajoran government, or something along those lines. It just seems like a stretch, and while it's not impossible in itself, it brings to light just how each of the main characters from the shows have been slotted into important roles, which others are complaining about (and I agree).