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04-24-2011, 07:07 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Not to re-open this debate but, what the heck... I know some people have trouble with the idea of Data being back but B4 is a hologram now. So even if you don't consider the Captain of the Enterprise to be Data, he's not really B4 either since B4 was removed.

IMHO, Data, B4 and Lore aren't really androids anyway but programs who occupy androids. So, for my money, a backup of Data is Data as much as Spock after STIII was still Spock.

Otherwise, you really have to consider people to be dead when they use a transporter since they get disintegrated and a copy of them gets created at the destination location.
I'm not going to reopen the debate. Everybody has their "one issue" with the game and that's mine. After the big dust-up in "The Measure of a Man" about an expert in artificial intelligence not being competent enough to make a valid copy of Data, I find it hard to believe a STARSHIP engineer would be able to successfully copy over Data's "memories" during a simple experiment. Geordi is a smart guy, but he is in essence a nuclear engineer, not a robotics scientist.

This conversation is the reason I'm so against the idea of Data being still alive. What was copied into B4 was the memories. I don't think what was transferred was the "essence." To me, to accept that Data is alive now in B4 means that Maddox was right. Data was a machine and there was nothing about him that was unique. You could just copy his program over into another device and then you'd have another Data. To me, what made Data special was the thought that a machine could have conciseness. Bringing Data back by using a "back-up" copy removes that.