Thread: Who's the Kai?
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04-24-2011, 06:32 PM
I can't see through your eyes, I can't think your thoughts. And if you were an exact duplicate of me, the same would be true. . the "i"... that indefinable state of being someone.. that "Cogito Ergo Sum" spark that only "you" experience.. would end on the transporter pad. The lights go out. The end.

And on another transporter pad, an exact copy of you is created, with the memories of being on the transporter pad just as the lights went out for you.

But will "you" be in that mind? will "you" see out of those eyes, and will "you" think those thoughts? or will it be someone who looks just like you, and has all your memories?

No one would notice that "you" didn't come off the transporter pad.. and "you" would no longer exist, to tell anyone.

Forget fears of having your damned molecules spread all over space... The transporter, even when working properly, is the stuff of nightmares.