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04-24-2011, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by gsquaredncnp
Tactical. Fully specc'd into beams. 4 Phaser relays (or proton mags, whichever weapon I am using) DBB up front. No buffs on the opponent. Weapon power at 125. Sometimes with AP:A or AP:O up. I have an EPS console. Accuracy 15%.

Even if the opponent has EpTS up or another dmg reduction buff it seems waaay more effective than mine. And I have spec'd into beefing up my shields.
Let me add my 2cents.
First, you only have 15% ACC that tells me you did not spec ACC as a toon trait.
Second, using AP will yield better crits.
Third, get tractor beam 1. Why? TB will turn that extra ACC into crit severity = more dmg.
Fourth, get 1 EPS so your weapon pwr lvls go back faster.

Keep an eye on buffs dont use boIII bind when the are buffed against TB.

Two options APO or APB. APB will lower res on hull great if shields are down. I suggest APB with BO. With poping APO you will jump in speed wich you might find it harder to adjust to.

So, bind TB, APB and BOIII and enjoy. After you fire it bind these words:

"to be or not to be that is the question"

I have done my forum duty see you in pvp.