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04-25-2011, 03:39 AM
The restrictions of making a TV series prevented a more diverse representation of Starfleet - in TOS because aliens serving with Humans was... hey, it were the segregated 60s - and in the modern series the couldn't put masks on every person to make them alien, I'd guess.

Nevertheless, there aren't any such problems in this game and even the novelverse features an increasingly diverse Starfleet (USS Titan - ca. 15% Human crew). The diversity of species in Starfleet is one of the things I love most about STO!

And yeah, the more races the better - I'd like to see the Aenar, Photonics, Androids, Talaxians.
In addition, more parts for AlienGen to create: Efrosians, Tiburons, Tagarans, Mintakans, Grazerites, Zakdorn, Zaldans,...

/My two cents