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04-25-2011, 04:40 AM
It were budget reasons and storytelling (or audience-identification) reasons that most people we saw in Starfleet were humans.

But it seems to not mesh well with a society that stands for inclusion and against racism.

A compromise interpretation could be that Starfleet prefers to assign members to a crew of similar species, to avoid certain more technical drawbacks - stuff like different required climates for member species, different day/night cycles and so on. Trying to manage all these differences on one ship would be difficult and ineffecient.

There might be some canon evidence for this even - there are two mentions of all-vulcan crewed ships over the course of the show. In TOS, the USS Intrepid is lost with its all-Vulcan crewmen, and in DS9, Sisko engages a Vulcan Captain and his all-Vulcan crew in a baseball match.

Theoretically, the bridge officer random assignments could try to prefer crew members of the race of the Captain and the races of pre-existing bridge crew members.


What I would like to see overall would also be some non-humanoid aliens. Add a lot of customization options to the tech behind the Undine, and you could have one variation of non-humanoids (you might want to barr customization options that make them look Undine...)