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04-25-2011, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
@Latinumbar - 'bout the cloak. I honestly don't know why Cryptic put that in the patch notes way back when. Ever since i've been playing this game the Scimitars have been able to cloak while tractored, in warp plasma, through gravity wells and tyken's rifts, through mine fields. They've got super battle cloak or something have since my day one nearly 200 days ago.
Well, I know for a fact that charged particle burst used to bring her out of cloak. This was our tried and true tactic for making the final battle go quicker - until now.

As for being over-run with spheres, do you encounter this "bug" EVERYTIME you run the mission? I'm not saying this doesn't happen to you, but I have to wonder if it truly is a bug. If it were, I would expect to have encountered the bug at some point. Given the number of times I have done this mission, I find it unusual to have NOT encountered it before whereas it seems to happen to you all the time. And, I HAVE encountered just about every other reported bug in that mission.

Now, when I first started playing the mission, we would routinely get over-run with spheres and fail the mission. But that was because we were not able to kill all the spheres before the next gate spawn. This was before we figured out a good strategy. It doesn't take long to have over 20 spheres on the map, and I have seen this myself (a truly scary situation to behold, I might add). But this was not a bug for us. It only happens if we fail to clear the map of spheres before the next spawn. Remember, there are spheres spawning from both gates, and it's easy to lose track of which gate the spheres have come from. Unless you have voice comm, it is unlikely that you would be aware that the opposite gate was not cleared unless the ships at the other gate would type it into chat. And if the spheres aren't cleared, they would most likely be too busy fighting, not typing.

If there are any spheres remaining before the gate spawns again, your chances of completing the mission go down DRAMATICALLY. Any remaining spheres will make it that much harder to clear the next wave. And then if everyone is trying to kill the spheres, no one is damaging the gates. You can get into a vicious cycle until the mission finally fails.

In any case, I will continue to look out for this bug.