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04-25-2011, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
My problem is that it would require a lot of ground battles (large ones too) and could me misconstrued as grinding missions. I'd really rather not risk losing my privileges and another policy killing the foundry for me.

Am I at risk?
I think you are confusing "exploit mission" with "grind mission." As far as I know, grind missions are just fine. There are plenty of them listed that are highly rated and continue to get plays and ratings. What the devs don't like and will take action against are exploit missions. These are missions that clearly abuse game mechanics (to gain rapid xp, etc). I'm not going to list examples but trust me... they are obvious. As long as you have to spend the time to actually battle the mobs, whether there is a story or not, it isn't considered an exploit.