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Originally Posted by homsikpanda View Post
space marines have the coolest titans
Space Marines don't have titans. That's a completely different branch of the Imperium.

Originally Posted by SaintHazard View Post
Don't get me started. Seriously. If Matt Ward frakked things up bad with Blood Angels, hoo boy... he really did a number on my Grey Knights.

Terminators for the same price as vanilla, but with PE vs Daemons, and force weapons? Tactical squads with storm bolters and NFWs for 10 points over vanilla cost? NEMESIS ******N DREADKNIGHTS?

Put it this way. For 155 points, I can have a monstrous creature with a 2+ armor save that rerolls all its misses, failed wounds, and armor penetration rolls (on 2d6, being a monstrous creature) at strength 10. Basically, a half-price adrenalized venomous Carnifex with a Hive Tyrant (with Old Adversary) sitting right behind him. And then some.

I hate Matt Ward so much.

It makes me rage.


Edit: Oh, almost forgot. You can give the Dreadknight a Personal Teleporter which, because Matt Ward cannot write rules worth a damn, actually turns the Dreadknight into Jump Infantry. No, you didn't misread that. It doesn't make it move like Jump Infantry (like Tyranid monstrous creature wings, or Chaos Sorcerer wings), it actually changes its unit type to Jump Infantry. (see: Grey Knights codex, Personal Teleporters, Interceptor Squad entry, and Grey Knights codex, Army List section, Nemesis Dreadknight wargear)

Can anyone say "Apocalypse game with twelve Dreadknights embarked in a Storm Raven?" And because you disembark from the base on a Storm Raven, you could totally do it, too.
He didn't frak anything up with the BA's, and it makes me do nothing but laugh at the incredible amounts of nerdrage over a three-line entry in their battle history. Now, C:SM, yeah, he bungled the fluff on that. Honestly, I don't get why they have one guy do the whole thing these days, they used to have 2-3 guys working on a codex.

GK Terminators vs. regulars, yeah they hit harder, but they can never get better than a 5+ INV against shooting and still go down just as easily to small-arms fire. Strike Squads are only worthwhile if you upgrade their NFWs, which drives up the cost more, and they're going to struggle against high AV vehicles.

And you've got the Dreadknight rules wrong. If it takes a greatsword, it can only use that or the doomfist, not both. So it's either S6 (7 with Hammerhand) with full re-rolls or S10 without. With a greatsword and personal teleporter, it runs at 230 points, and is still very vulnerable to power fists and the like. As for the jump infantry bit, I have no doubt that oversight will get FAQed in no time. But your strawman Apocalypse idea is impossible anyway, as jump infantry take up two spots, and they can't be attached to each other, so only one could "ride" in the Stormraven anyway. But really, if anyone tried to pull that, I think most folks (myself included) would bid them good day.