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04-25-2011, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by Walshicus
Shouldn't you actually tell us what the pathing issues were, so we can avoid them in future? Otherwise a cynic would look a this thread and think it were shameless self promotion...
I could have updated my own thread but my concern was that people who had pathing issues would be more likely to read a thread which mentioned the pathing issues. I'm also not sure how, "My mission might be bugged" is self-promotion. (Although self-promotion would seem to be a pretty valid reason to post, I'm not sure this is self-promotion.)

Specifically, the issue was that I had created a deck where there is the possibility of fighting Borg. The walls, ceiling, and floor were all manually placed. I went through a few iterations of the map because the pathing caused bridge officers to sputter in and out of existence and through the walls and floors for no apparent reason. Opening up the size of the space seemed to address many of these issues.

More recently, there was an issue with Borg and bridge officers being shifted through a wall mid-combat. My working theory is that since enemies can shoot through author created walls, the Borg were sometimes, in extended fights, spawning protodrones on the other side of these walls. In turn, my theory is that the server flipped out at the presence of NPCs being on two sides of a totally closed in structure and was yanking bridge officers and enemies out of the closed in deck design when the protodrones spawned outside.

I replaced the Borg inside the structure with mobs that will not spawn protodrones.

Now... I'd like to see if it works. I was never able to replicate the bugs some players reported with the mission, either in testing or in the published mission so I need people who have observed the bug to see if it persists, because I've never been able to see or trigger it.