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@Little Terrible Romulan
Your tactic sounds very difficult to me. I mean the timing and coordination for shooting wich aim and so on. I think that is not possible without voice com software, or? I tried it now a couple of times with some guys at the zone there and our main problem was that nobody or everybody says something different.
It's a very hard mission i believe. I ask people who mastered that mission how long they need to complete it and they told me between 3 and 4 hours. I'm still afraid of that.
Our best time with a voice chat is about 1 hour 40 minutes...or so. The STF's are designed to get people to work together and use different tactics to work out the problem. If you can use something to aid you in doing this, then yes, by all means use it. Most of the best groups that do PVE STF's or PVP use some sort of voice software to coordinate their tactics. I have been in many pug groups to do STF's, and it is very difficult to do them at times when people do their own little thing.
The developers made this STF so that you would need to work together using a different tactic in order to succeed. It is easy enough to do Infected and Cure even if people do not follow a set tactic and do their own thing from time to time...provided this is not the case for the whole of the mission.
If you need to do KA, and want to do a run with some really good people, then I suggest you speak to one of our good STF people in my fleet:
@rondk - will help to see if he can get you in a run...he likes helping those who need to get an STF done...whether they are members of our fleet or not....
If he is not on, then contact him later...When we setup a KA run or any other STF run, we make sure that it gets done and done properly for anybody that hasn't been through it yet.
One word of caution...once you go through our way, you might never want to go back to the old way again
Keep me informed of your progress via pm....or I might actually see you in-game...but for now, I work.