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04-25-2011, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by jennjahn View Post
No they are not, Wishstone directly said today

Mob heavy missions and click-and-wins are right out.

If you think a mission may violate those terms Don't Make It. Sure there's a 50% chance your mission might be flagged; but there is 100% chance it will not be flagged if you choose not to make it.
Hmm. Wishstone's post was vague, at best. He is basically saying, "report a mission if you think it's a violation and we'll take it from there."

So, what exactly is the criteria? Is there some sort of formula? For every X number of text you are allowed one mob encounter? For every non-combat objective completed, you are allowed one mob? Perhaps travel time should be incorporated... flying or running for 30 seconds = one mob? A load screen should definitely allow at least 3 encounters. Should we punish foundry authors who are bad writers? If the story is not up to snuff of some ambiguous standard but has "too many" mobs, delete it and revoke publishing rights?

Slope. Slippery.

However, it is Cryptic's game and if they want to use the "I know it when I see it" ruling, that's their right. I'm not sure there is any other practical way to enforce this policy, anyway. The best we can do, as players, is to gauge Cryptic's pattern of enforcement. To me, as I scroll through the mission list, accolade grinds seem untouched whereas exploit missions have clearly been removed.