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04-25-2011, 03:55 PM
Star Trek needs two things to set it apart from Star Wars and all the rest: Star Trek needs to boldly go, and explore our current day via morality plays/allegory. That's what set the show apart from the rest of the pack.

For example, the Borg are wicked cool bad-guys that work on several levels. One there is the whole "interdependence on technology and it's dehumanizing aspect." Look at cellphones and the internet... we in some ways are becoming like the Borg... relentlessly driven to improve our tech-gadgets while losing basic manners/politeness and becoming totally interdependent on instant communication.

On another level they work to point out that any enemy that can think and adapt on the fly will win out over the complacent unchanging tradition - bound.. The Asian economies and car companies adapted on the fly and look at the state of the North American economy... and our car companies.

See how this works?

Star Trek would have to handle current issues like homo/bisexual rights, terrorism in modern society, race relations, intergation, immigration... All stuff that could be reduced to a Star Trek style story.

Problem is though... someone somewhere would be offended. In order to explore these issues toes would have to be stepped on, and this would result in some group trying to sue Star Trek off the air. I can already see that happening.