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04-25-2011, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by emiluskalile
The mission I am trying to make is meant to be a single player mission anyway, ya know like on the show when Riker or someone is stuck on a ship or the holodeck by them selves......hope that clears things up.....can ya help anyway? Also can anyone help me with going from one map, say the engineer map from one ship to another map that is supposed to be another deck, I want to block one door to make it like a turbo lift to take me to another map but I can't figure it out. If anyone can help me with these things that will be great!
I'm not sure of the exact mechanics at play, but I've seen my BOs "teleport" from behind walls and other objects. I don't think there's any reliable way to make sure a player's BOs are prevented from being with the player.

There was a thread last week that discussed an idea involving separate rooms and triggers but it would require a very specific story situation to implement and could prove unreliable due to the "shoot through walls" bug.