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04-26-2011, 12:00 AM
I've run this STF a total of three times. Twice on a Federation character, once on a Klingon character.

The first time was the middle of last year when it was truly bugged -- as in, you could not complete it. When you defeated the Borg fleet around Vega colony the mission would not advance and you could not beam down.

Since I've re-subbed I've played it twice, once Fed, once KDF, completed both times no problems. Didn't even have VOIP communication on the KDF run, either, and didn't have a dedicated healer (space or ground). Run with Fed was with my fleet and went just as smooth (VOIP and I was healer). I never noticed any bugs. But I was warned about the "Follow Donatra" bit, that should certainly be fixed.

But the mission is very much completable and is not that difficult at all.