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04-26-2011, 02:30 AM
I see that Captain Revo already posted how to accomplish this, but maybe my explanation is a bit more in-depth. I'm not sure I agree this is necessarily that tricky, it's just a bit more involved.


You can only do this by staying on the same maps using components instead of objectives. Instead of having them transition to a battle map, you'll need to have the battle on the map you're on already. Or if that is the wrong map (for example if you're on the ground and want it in space), then you'll need to transition to the other map first (regardless of whether the player chooses to fight).

Then follow these steps for the confrontation:

1) Have the dialogue where the commander tells you to leave and following that set an objective to a reach marker where you leave the system. Set the objective to read "Leave the System (Optional: Engage the enemy forces)".

2) Set a dialogue that will occur after the enemy commander's forces are defeated (set it to display on component complete and then select the enemy forces as the component). That dialogue will contain the alternate ending where you choose to defeat the commander's forces rather than leave.

Now there are two ways you can handle the engagement. Either way you're going to want to place the commander's ship as part of an enemy group, not as an NPC contact. That way it can be engaged in combat instead of just sitting there while everyone else fights.

3a) The easy way is to spawn the enemy commander's forces a little bit away, out of aggro range. The player can choose to engage them by flying over to them and attacking.

3b) The harder, but potentially better way, is to place a box of invisible wall talls around the the enemy commander's forces (be sure to set the "Y" value to -25 as otherwise the invisible wall bottom is at 0 and can easily be flown underneath). Put them close so it's like a stare down from one of the ST episodes (think of one of the TNG episodes where the Enterprise is staring down a couple of Romulan Warbirds).

Now, have the dialogue where he tells you to leave. Have the option where you agree to leave, and then instruct the player to fly to the mission exit objective. Set this option to end with a failed result. This will cause the dialogue to be minimized, and not complete. Now, set the dialogue branch where you refuse to leave, and have this one set to successful complete the dialogue.

Set the invisible walls so that they will be set to hidden upon completion of the dialogue. That way if the player selects the confrontational route, the dialogue will complete, the walls will disappear and the commander's forces will immediately attack. If the player chooses to leave, the dialogue is minimized, he heads for the objective and it's mission over. In the latter case, the player still has the option to change his mind if he wants as the dialogue will not completely disappear.


I believe that should result in close to what you want, albeit you can't actually transition to another map, you have to already be on the map.