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04-26-2011, 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
I can't help feeling like this is ALSO unfinished on release. There's so many basic tools the Foundry just doesn't have, like ambushes, allies that will move with you, and so on. They really need to take a long look at the Architect system in City of Heroes. It's FAR better made, if you ask me.
I prefer this over CoH's Architect System, at least the Architect System CoH launched initially.

Waypoint behaviors and over cutscene-style stuff is apparently slated for development. The tools honestly could be held up for another year to wait for all the bells and whistles: i.e. PvP Support, Fleet Starbase Support, Collaboration Support, Custom interior Support, Shared Instace/Zones, etc.

I mean, people complained that it was released a few months into Season 3. Imagine if they had waited until everything I described was added. People would be ragequitting by now. Better to have the basics out there and polished, so the masses can test it then pile it on all at once (and be very buggy)