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Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
You did not disprove my point. To further drive home my point, look at the makeup of UN Forces that get deployed in the world. Or how about the composition of NATO forces. In both cases, US personnel comprise the bulk of the manpower.
You still are making assumptions that just don't pan out. Some of those "humans" in the back ground may just be species that look human. The Ligonians, for example, have a culture similar to Africa, but they are NOT humans. It is possible that they may have joined, but Ligonian officers may end up classified as human by shere ignorance. I picked them out because their homeworld is NOT a Federation member planet at the time of the episode (Code of Honor-TNG).
Well in fairness NATO is essentially a USA created run organisation with some help from other allies and also the USA is a lot larger than the other members so naturally they will contribute more.

As far as UN is concerned if you look at Africa and parts of Asia the bulk of the forces are not actually American but from other member states. In Trek Earth is not the largest Planet in the Federation (as far as I know) so it does not really equate with your comparison of the USA which is clearly much larger than its NATO counterparts.