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04-26-2011, 07:08 AM
Well, the thing is what if to you it doesn't seem to be rewarding you any better than average or that isn't the point, its a side effect.

If I make a Borg invasion of ESD, it might be a good mission to grind, but at the same time that isn't the point and there is a story to it and everything.

There is not an intention of it being used improperly, but if I play it because I enjoy the story or its just plain old fun, why should I be punished because the Dev's think its wrong?

The exploit problem mentioned above is an interesting statement. Is it something that randomly happens and is easily noticeable? IE, you don't need to do something or research how to do it, it just happens?

Thats why, I really think people who play them should not be punished.