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Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
You did not disprove my point. To further drive home my point, look at the makeup of UN Forces that get deployed in the world. Or how about the composition of NATO forces. In both cases, US personnel comprise the bulk of the manpower.
Because they have a much larger military budget than other NATO-members.
Or many UN-member countries.
Also each NATO nation has its own military and makes contributions based on its capabilites.
For example the ability to actually deploy troops somewhere is extremely important.
In case of the Federation that is no longer a determining factor since the proportion of people joining Starfleet is not connetcted to budgetary contributions to Starfleet.
Also Starfleet is a unified military not an alliance of different national militaries.
In addition that Americans are having leading positions in NATO has another reason:
Supreme command of NATO is always an officer in the U.S. military.

So they'd always have a leading position based on that simple fact.
I find it very unlikely that such a solution was taken with Starfleet Command that is must automatically be lead by humans.

So in what way does your UN/NATO analogy apply to this situation? I don't see how.
It would not explain why there are so many humans in any way and given the names of the human-looking Stafleet personnell we saw that actually had a name, it's unlikely they were Ligonians as you mentioned them for example.
Or is there a quota that limits the entry of members of a given species to Starfleet based on the amount of money that is given to Starfleet from the planet the applicant comes from?
That's a method more fitting the Ferengi, also how likely is it that under such conditions non-Federation members would be allowed to join Starfleet?

Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
You still are making assumptions that just don't pan out. Some of those "humans" in the back ground may just be species that look human. The Ligonians, for example, have a culture similar to Africa, but they are NOT humans. It is possible that they may have joined, but Ligonian officers may end up classified as human by shere ignorance. I picked them out because their homeworld is NOT a Federation member planet at the time of the episode (Code of Honor-TNG).
Then we'd end up with an even more constructed explanation:
That there is an incredibe amount of species that look human and even have cultures and names so similar to humans they are absolutely indestinguishable.

Regarding the terracentrism in Star Trek that emphasizes the importance of humans in an even greater amount than previously mentioned, I'd like to add this:

In TNG "The Emissary" (the episode where the Enterprise is tasked with finding the Klingon "sleeper-cruiser" T'Ong) it is explicitly stated by the crew of the Enterprise that the T'Ong's crew is from a time when the Klingons were at war with humans even though the ship was launched in the late 23rd century.

In Star Trek Nemesis Riker states that Shinzon's attack on Earth would "Wipe out humanity, Cripple the Federation".

The Borg were not interested in assimilating the entire Federation or species with such impressive mental capacities as Vulcans, the only species they were interested in was Specie 5618.

This is what I was referring to regarding the human-focus of the authors.
And based on that "approach" to the Federation it is also equally unlikely that they would have even considered the possiblity that a large portion of the human-looking people we see in Starfleet are no humans, because appearently they could not think beyond our own solar system as far as Starfleet's personnel is concerned.