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04-26-2011, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by jennjahn View Post
Don't think of it as censorship. That is not what they are trying to do, they are trying to protect us. These rules are here b/c they protect us and the game.

Besides, consider this, the restrictions and rules and punishments are almost like the rules of stylized literature. Does an artist complain about the syllable restrictions of Haiku?
LOL - I like your Haiku comparison.

Anyway, the rules of a Haiku are pretty formalized. If you ignore them, it's just not a Haiku, even though it still might be pretty neat poetry. (Even the japanese now have several "standards").

The rules of Foundry are not formalized.

If I wanted to create a grind mission and I'd put a description like:
"The Emperor of the long lost planet Fnark has asked for your help. His planet is being under an embargo by the Romulans. Can you free the good emperor from his palace?"
And then I go ahead and put lots of Romulans to grind away and I put some one sentence dialogue in between waves. Is it a grind mission? Or is it just a bad story mission?

The same goes for a RP location. So far they didn't hurt anyone. Now people will complain that they are exploits, because you can just go in and out and have a mission completed. (And I think the people creating them were the last ones crying for a reward for playing Foundry missions anyway. I at least didn't. Playing other peoples and creating my own missions was enough reward.)

So: In the end: Yes, this is a kind of uncontrolled (should I say "trolled? ) censorship. We do not truly often need the devs or the masses or a few who consider themselves "Foundry police" or complicated algorithms to decide what is good and bad for us. If I don't like a mission, I quit it or never play it again and leave a review and a one-star rating.