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Originally Posted by mondo80 View Post
Wiping out Earth would not cripple the Federation, just as nuking D.C. would not cripple the US. There are plans in place to ensure continuity of government, the human expression "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" applies to a lot of things. Aside from the 150 member worlds there are also 3200 colonies, a hundred or more starbases and deepspace stations. The lose of Earth would have demoralized the feds but more than likely it would have made the federation go into full scale war with the romulans, see "sacrifice of angel" or the last episode of DS9 to really see a ****ed off starfleet. Shinzon only had one ship and was defeated by a single sovereign.
Which is why that statement from Riker in Nemesis makes even less sense.
Even if Shinzon had managed to use his Thalaron weapon against Earth, it would have been far less devastating than the Hobus Nova was against Romulus.
But not because of Earth's importance (or lack thereof due to an intelligently structured gonvernment) but after a rather "annoyed" Starfleet had hunted Shinzon down, the planet could easily be "repopulated" (along with large amounts of transplaneted flora and fauna) with all available resources and facilites on the planet intact, as opposed to the Hobus incident where the planet blew up.
Isn't it sad that some lowly nerds on the internet can analyze the situation more clearly than some hihg profile folks who get paid for writing scripts that don't make sense because damatic presentation take precedence?