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04-26-2011, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Uhm... Not to detour things too far but Atwood, Vonnegut, Mailer, Hemmingway, Updike, Bradbury, Marquez, Fleming, Steinbeck, Clarke, and Kerouac were all published by Playboy, which is actually pretty prestigious and would be fairly noteworthy for its articles even without the notorious photo spreads.

Shakespeare almost certainly would have written for them, given the type of work he did, the level of literary sophistication, the fact that he wrote for an underappreciated genre, and his writing itself which was, if anything, frequently MUCH more bawdy than the average Playboy article.

I only point this out because Playboy articles (along with Shakespeare) are exactly the kind of thing that made a series like Star Trek possible. I've actually never touched a copy of the magazine but only the best of Trek might be on par with Playboy articles.
This is amusing, but it is true. When I was working as a Public Affairs specialist in the Army we had an embedded reporter with Playboy Magazine for a couple weeks. Since they wrote about us I had the unfortunate job of flipping through the magazine (oh, darn ), but the article itself was actually very, very good.

Originally Posted by Leirus
Posting something like this should just not be necessary. What the you-know-what do I care about people who just want to get some quick XP and some emblems?
I create missions to tell a story.
You are right, it shouldn't be necessary. But with the addition of the daily, good missions are getting 1-star votes because of their length. I'll be completely honest, after putting that in my summary, the number of reviews slowed down, but the ones I get now have honest assessments of the mission rather than "this sux its to long"