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04-26-2011, 10:29 AM
Uhm... Not to detour things too far but Atwood, Vonnegut, Mailer, Hemmingway, Updike, Bradbury, Marquez, Fleming, Steinbeck, Clarke, and Kerouac were all published by Playboy, which is actually pretty prestigious and would be fairly noteworthy for its articles even without the notorious photo spreads.
LOL - Touche, you are right. I should not try to be smart at 2AM my morning.

On a side note: I actually DID touch many of them and enjoyed reading many of the articles, aside from... other reasons to like that magazine.

What I actually meant is: Do not limit yourself by the expectations of the "Greater Audience" which is the whole player base. Focus on those who would like to play your missions.

The description space is very limited. I didn't count characters, but I would not waste too many on explaining: "My mission is long has that and that amount of combat, blabla."

I did that in my first mission. Now I think: Why? I will leave that out and players who READ the description will realize immediately, that it is a story mission. Those who do not... Will not read your warnings either?

In addition, it takes away from the feeling that you are being assigned a mission...