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04-26-2011, 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by ddgrfn11 View Post
After switching ships your BOs become unassigned....reassign them by hitting your assignments tab in your U page before going into space and your abilities will be as they long as you assign them the same spots they were in before you switched ships. I noticed this after switching back and forth between shuttle/ship.
That did not quite work for me, the powers of a certain officer were assigned to that officers slots but in the wrong position. I'll use one of my Tac's as example.
Before the Switch:
Alt+2 = CRF2
Ctlr+2 = CRF1
Alt+5 = THY1

After Switching to shuttle and then back:
Alt+2 = CRF1
Ctrl+2 = THY1
Alt+5 = CRF2

The same happened to all the others and my own powers are a mess. The ability to save command profiles would be a god send.