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04-27-2011, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
In a PVP tournament I would like to see teams that don't warp out and cry once they see that the other team did not bring Mirandas with standard Mk 0 weapons.
How else are YOU gonna learn the basics of Fair Play unless somebody keeps reminding you that?

Originally Posted by mancom
Maybe we could have a tournament with a leetspeak requirement to make the exploiting less visible?

On a more serious note: in several months of playing with TSI in general and Era in particular, I cannot recall ever having seen something like you describe. And in case you wonder why my chat lines sometimes look like "^bla..." - this is because "^" is my /follow-Key and the keyboard remembers the key press until I use the next letter key, which is usually in the chat box.
Fine, I'm probably imagining things...