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04-27-2011, 06:02 AM
Ok that’s fair,

My friend also played the demo and found it to be to weak in terms of game play and content and now mocks me for playing STO saying its poor and wont even give it a 2nd chance, even though its is perhaps one of the best games I have played in terms of it being 1 year old.

Unless the demo is stronger, it would only reduce the impact of free foundry in terms of an enticement to get people to play, so to use as a two hit combo, I second that the demo needs to be improved.

How about…

If they produced a demo package as follows:

1) An improved playable demo, allows players to play more freely as I understand the demo is quite restrictive, until say Lt 10 or until 10 days is over, repeatable missions are allowed – no access to player made missions expect your own, why limit your player base, some players may only want to play there own missions, if the trial can provide this, easy win J

2) Include a Special C-store Item will be available to "Upgrade account where game purchase and 1 month play time are included" and prompt on login page when trial has expired offering an easy way to get playing again.

3) In the download package, have the "free for all offline foundry" packaged up, it will need to be marketed in such a way that everyone will know that the foundry is free for all and offline forever (but requires a real account to upload)

- Include a basic tutorial for first time users to create a pre-configured mission that upon completion basically gets them to understand how the foundry works (even though I know it is very easy, but imagine for the inexplicitly dim players / or the super intelligent super impatient players),

- Upon upload of the mission (the trial account should be active you see) a special accolade is created for all characters on that trial account, further encouraging the trailing player to open the foundry and learn how to make levels.

- Thus increasing the potential revenue for cryptic which all in all means more development on the games, means more features for us to play with! :-D the Circle of life!