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# 4 Thanks for the Feedback
04-27-2011, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by kyle21davdson
I'm going with the assumption that this is a joke mission... 2/5 stars. The story was rather poor and downright ludicrous, even for a joke story.

I think Tribble worship is a rediculous concept... Why would borg and Romulans be on Vulcan... Worshipping tribbles? I have to say, I wasn't pleased at my Vulcan science officer's rather emotional responses - I can't say a Vulcan would be excited by Tribbles and shore leave. In future, try and leave out strong emotions if the character is a bridge officer or Vulcan NPC.

I didn't like the fact that it was a simple "Run here and kill these squads"-type mission. I don't enjoy killing six squads of ensign-Sehlats. I must also point out that the NPCs dropped out of the sky, followed by tribbles. The spawn point must have been at least 20 points too far from the ground. On another note, my character is a Federation Klingon... My first response is likely not to save the Tribbles but as not all people play Klingons I can't mark you down for this. And on another note, why is the Klingon barge of the dead buried in the sand on Vulcan?*SPOILERS END HERE*

Overall, I would say this was not an enjoyable mission but you've grasped the basics of using the Foundry tools.
Just in case you don't know this was my first mission I created using the Foundry. And thanks for the feedback. I understand what you're saying in your post. And yes I purposely intended this mission to be joke-like, ludicrous, and funny. The thing is...I'm the kind of player who has been playing STO since it was released last February and I have always loved the Star Trek Franchise when it is witty and funny. I made this mission this way to see what I could do with it and to see people's reviews and opinions on it. So my next foundry mission is going to be more ambitious. In fact I am planning on doing two separate missions that have nothing to do with each other. A KDF mission and a FED mission both separate stories in separate places. So I will make a thread when the ideas come to my head.

BTW I like it when you guys say you didn't like something in my mission and I'm going to promise myself from now on not to get upset when you guys say something about my mission and future ones because it's just healthy criticism. So thanks for that. Although I am still proud of what I did. I'm still learning from the foundry and the internet connection I have is DSL and it's slow as crap. So when I watch tutorials on the net about the foundry it takes a long time for them to load.

But anyway thanks.