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# 1 Foundry Asset Sharing
04-27-2011, 11:50 AM
Hi everyone,

If you aren't aware of it, Dave and others at Wiki UGC have been working on a way that authors can share props, maps, and even npc characters. Because we don't have an import/export tool that makes this easy, we've been relying on a more complicated way to do this.

Before reading further, please check out some of the assets that have already been posted:

How it works: An author can export a map's relevant x, y, z and rot coordinates (using a newer version of Pendra's tool) and then copy and paste all of it into OpenWord in order to export it as a pdf. Then, you can post screenshots, the pdf, etc. at the Wiki.

The bad: If people want to recreate your city from the pdf table, then he/she still has to load each object one by one and then manually edit the x, y, and z, along with the rot. degrees.

It's time-consuming, but considering we can recreate a city in 20 minutes when it probably took the original author many, if not a dozen, hours to make the city, then it's very beneficial.

There is also a tutorial on how we're doing all of it here:

Please help us by adding your cities, detailed maps, or even favorite npcs to the wiki so that other authors can recreate the sets and characters.